The only thing you need to do is become the person only you can be. 

Margaret Frings Keyes, Emotions & the Enneagram

Embracing Your Enneagram ~ 9 Types, 2 Wings, 2 Connection Points, 3 Subtypes, and 3 Centers.

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Creating Choices

The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual map of personality types - Super Powers - offering insights into human nature and paths of transformation. According to this map, human beings react with certain patterns of deeply held psychological and emotional motivations. The types, or points of view or Super Powers, describe not only how we learned to cope with the demands of life in the past but also how we can better learn to meet life's demands in the future. With deepening awareness of these portals to our Deeper Self and our Divine nature, wisdom bubbles up from our inner core and compassion enfolds our humanity, enabling us to satisfy our needs for love and belonging on this our wonder-filled journey of Life.