Ultimately I am the only one who can identify myself with a certain type of life program of the Enneagram. This process may move very quickly, or it may take a long time. I determine the tempo. Even those who don’t immediately figure out their type can observe their own life story in the mirror of the new type description and thereby make progress.

 ~ Richard Rohr

The point of it isn’t to just be a type, but to use the awareness of our type as a kind of entry into a more full bodied humanity and a greater and greater capacity to embody and flow with all of the different qualities of our humanness. ... When I’m provoked, it’s a signal to come back to my body, to my open heart and my quiet mind. So don’t play favorites with the Centers. We don’t want to be a third of a human being. 
 ~ Russ Hudson

Creating Choices

What the Enneagram is notWhat the Enneagram is
The key to fixing yourself; a list of do's and don't's; a script guaranteeing control, security and happiness.A tool of wondrous self-discovery and exploration.
The key to finding the perfect partner, or the key to needing to fix your partner when it turns out the person is less than perfect.
​A tool to help you understand yourself and what it means to be a partner yourself, and possibly to get to know your partner for your partner’s sake.
The key to finding the perfect job, or the key to needing to fix your co-workers when it turns out you are working with imperfect people.A tool to help you understand what strengths and challenges you bring to your job, and possibly to get to know your co-workers for their sake, in order to work better together.
The key to finding perfect friends, or the key to needing to fix them when it turns your friends are less than perfect.A tool to help you understand yourself and what it means to be a friend yourself, and possibly get to know your friends for their sake.
The key to manifesting the perfect life devoid of any challenges, or the key to needing to fix everything when it turns out life is not perfect.A tool to help you make choices in your life based on awareness, groundedness, connection and empathy for your fellow humans.
A tool of religion, values, attractions, preferences, goals, should’s and shouldn’t’s, or simplistic memes and soundbites. A tool to use on yourself in order to become more awake, present and open to Life.
It's not an ending point.It's a starting point.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~Sue Brooks

The enneagram is not a reductionistic tool for identifying and being able to control my emotions and thoughts and how I am perceived by others. From what we know about its origins, the enneagram has always been intended as a tool for spiritual transformation -- whatever one’s spiritual beliefs about life and ultimate concerns may be -- and it still is.

I am going to get provoked and have stuff come up to feel and process -- and that is more important to me than whether a particular theory is right or wrong or whether I fit into it. 

The more I am able to truly, deeply embrace all my yucky, painful, socially unacceptable stuff, the more change happens in spite of myself. And for that I am deeply grateful.

 ~Sue Brooks

The only thing you need to do is become the person only you can be. 

Margaret Frings Keyes, Emotions & the Enneagram

The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual map of personality types - Super Powers - offering insights into human nature and paths of transformation. According to this map, human beings react with certain patterns of deeply held psychological and emotional motivations. The types, or points of view or Super Powers, describe not only how we learned to cope with the demands of life in the past but also how we can better learn to meet life's demands in the future. With deepening awareness of these portals to our Deeper Self and our Divine nature, wisdom bubbles up from our inner core and compassion enfolds our humanity, enabling us to satisfy our needs for love and belonging on this our wonder-filled journey of Life. 

Embracing Your Super Power ~ 3 Centers, 9 Types, 3 Subtypes, and 2 Connection Points. Click on the Links below to display printable handouts on another page.